Love my crazy life

What a week! After surviving graduation, George decided he needed some time off and scared us all half to death with a trip to the emergency room and an overnight stay at Mary Lanning. He is fine as frog hair now, but his blood pressure went through the roof on Monday. His VA doctor said to take him in immediately. We are still unsure of what caused it. The heart doctor said more than likely environmental factors. Whatever that means.

I love the moisture we are getting, but I am not fond of the grass growing at an exponential rate. I mowed on Friday and need to do it again already. I can’t get my weed wacker to run, and my dandelions are almost as tall as me, LOL. I have so much trouble with my lawn equipment.

George got my motor scooter running this weekend, and now I have to get it registered, insured and learn how to ride the silly thing. I got to admit, I’m a bit nervous, I rode dirtbikes many moons ago, but that was many moons ago! I’m sure to be a funny sight riding around town, but it beats putting gasoline in my car to check the pool 15 times a day.

I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out; lately, I think I need a holiday, some time to crack open a good book and lose myself in it for a few days. The only way I can afford a getaway right now is to get lost in my imagination. Maybe George will take me to that used bookstore I love next time we are in Omaha. It’s been a while since I have had the time to get lost in the pages of a good book, and I think it’s time I do. X’s & O’s.


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