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I don’t know where to begin. It’s been a long week, and it went by so fast it’s a blur. We shuffled the Omaha boys around safely. Robert and his crew are all home safe, and Nicholas gets to stay with us for another week or so, and every one of our vehicles got a turn at leaving the drive. Having extra was a good thing this past couple weeks.

Robert brought his motorcycle down, and had his extra stuff in the pickup that Donald drove. Since Donald left before he did, he was forced to leave a lot of stuff here. He tried to strap his gasoline can on the back of the bike, but that didn’t even make it out the driveway. LOL!

Nicholas said last night, “I don’t know why I was so worried about staying for so long without Jack, you guys are kind of normal.” I’ve never been called “normal,” should I feel offended? We took a walk last night. After we passed the one block point and I kept going, he asked, “Where are you going?” I said, “For a walk.” He said, “We are going farther?” Lord help me. It’s going be a long two weeks. LOL!

They shoved a camera down my throat on Friday. I have ulcers, really not that surprising. Oddly enough, I get a sour stomach every so often, but the medicine they gave me to fix the ulcers, gives me a sore stomach all day long. Yuck! The CT scan they did the Monday before showed a few things that were also not too surprising, but meant I get to hang out with more doctors. I miss the days of one doctor. I’m a sickly little thing. LOL!

Saturday, I stayed the whole day in the garden. You couldn’t even tell there was a garden there when I started, the weeds were knee high! I spent the day getting good with the hoe, and on my hand and knees pulling weeds. I was actually surprised the vegetables were growing in all that mess. After I got the weeds out, I laid down the wood chips to keep the moisture in. The garden looks pretty, for now. I felt really good about myself, until the next morning when I could barely walk. Who knew crawling was such a great work out! So if you see me crawling around the yard, I’m working on my adductors! LOL!

My allergies are killing me, no doubt because I had my nose stuffed in every weed produced in Nuckolls County on Saturday. I hope they settle down soon, my throat feels like I swallowed razor blades. After having the kids all home off and on this last few weeks, the house feels empty. Even with Nicky home. I’m glad he is here. It eases the emptiness. I miss the commotion, and the crazy of having them home.

We got a little shower Monday night. It wasn’t much, but at least we missed out on the hail and winds. I feel bad for those who did not. On the radar it looked pretty rough. We still need the rain, so keep praying. X’s & O’s.


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