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January 13, 2022

The Human race is really an amazing thing. Even though it was chosen by God to be the dominate species of life here on earth, it sure does a lot of stupid things. History is dominated with our efforts to kill each other off . . . for all sorts of reasons.

We also have the common sense to correct many of our mistakes, therefore looking good in historical terms. (I do mean amazing.)

Here in the U. S. of America I contend there have been three or four major instances in which people have died in massive number for no good reasons.

First off, the civil war (slavery was such an offense against those of the black race). Secondly: WWI and WWII (thousands of Americans died in the effort to stop Germany from killing millions of Jews and Christians and others.

Thirdly: Oddly, the Supreme Court of American (who, most of us assume, understand right from wrong) is responsible for the worse example of senseless killings of our fellow human beings.

The Supreme Court decision in what is called ‘Roe vs. Wade’ and several other decisions after that, have resulted in the killing of million and millions of people in the United States.

In spite of repeated efforts to stop this senseless actions, most all have failed.

However, there is now a new case before the Supreme Court that may change what we now have. I thought it worthwhile to spend a little while in examining that original decision.

“They” say (whoever ‘they’ are) many of the reasons the Supreme Court made the decision they did was because of several things. Let’s look at a couple:

First: The Supreme Court said nobody has ever been able to say just when life begins, so the Supreme Court said it began at birth.

By 1973 when this decision was made, the science on when human life begins had already been settled for over 100 years. That life began at conception was accepted in theory since the 1600s and when the science advanced enough by the 1800s to prove that fact, all medical textbooks taught students this fact.

I recently read the following: “In 2018 researcher Steven Andrew Jacobs asked American biologist their opinion on the questions. “When does a human life begin?” 5,577 responded with 96 percent of them replying that life begins at fertilization.”

Secondly: While looking for sympathy for those women who died from illegal abortions at that time, those advocating for abortions in 1973 made up a number. A doctor involved at the time said they had no idea, but came up with a figure of 10,000, just because they thought it would give their effort justification.

Thirdly: Although the Constitution says nothing about a right to an abortion, those wanting to legalize abortions thought that the right to privacy somehow enabled women to murder their own children. I have not been able to understand this portion at all and will not try to explain what I don’t understand.

The Supreme Court heard vocal arguments back in December in a case called: ‘Dobbs vs. Jackson’. (The federal government wants to block a Mississippi law that would make abortions almost impossible in Mississippi.) Their decision will not be announced until sometime this summer, we’re told.

The national media has been trying to tell us for years that “Liberal” are the ones supporting abortions and “Conservatives” are the ones try to stop abortions. In general terms there may be some truth to that, but in practice there are many, many ‘Liberals’ that do not endorse abortions any more than most of us do.

An interesting thing to note since the oral arguments were made the national media has more, or less, suggested that the Supreme Court may just overturn the Roe vs. Wade decisions.

Mr. George Weigel recently wrote the following note concerning the upcoming decision: “Considering the nastiness . . . one suspects that those who regard “Roe vs. Wade’ as the linchpin of American democracy are beginning to fear that they’ve lost the debate about abortion. They lost the scientific debate long ago, and now they’re losing the constitutional debate. The oral argument over the Dobbs case at the Supreme Court Dec. 1, in which the defenders of Roe v. Wade were clearly outclassed, could only have intensified those fears.”

There is little I can do to influence what the outcome of this mess will be except . . . pray.

If you remember, about two thousand years ago, we were told that some evils were so bad they could only be changed by prayer and fasting.

After the December hearing at the Supreme Court many (and I mean many) Christians and others, have started a steady service of prayers for a right and just decision by the Supreme Court.

Locally, I do know that Sacred Heart parish in Lawrence holds a ‘Holy Hour’ every week from 4 to 5 p.m. every Friday to pray for a just and fair decision from the judges. You would be welcomed to come.



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