Derek Schmidt visits Mankato

"I'm running for governor to bring common sense and conservative leadership back to the Sunflower State. I will work every day to leave Kansas a better place than I found it - for my family and for yours," is the quote from Attorney General Derek Schmidt's handout.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt visited Mankato Monday. He is running for the governor of Kansas. There was a good turn out for this meet and greet.

Schmidt was asked about the gravity of the border situation, to which he replied, "It's not been at the top of my urgency list. I've always thought it was a Federal issue, which it is, and I'm just a state guy. I've been aware of it. Somebody needs to do something about it."

The U.S. Labor Force issue was brought up and Sherri Jeffery, Carl Jensen and Lyle Dauner all agreed there is a lack of workers to fill positions. Attorney General Schmidt said there are many reasons for this. "I do think it's a philosophical matter generally and certainly right now because of the types of numbers we're talking about. We ought to take another hard look at all of our public assistance programs," Schmidt said.

Schmidt asked how our housing availablity is and the attendees replied we have a problem with availability. "What is the game plan here? What do we do about it?" Schmidt asked. Lyle Dauner replied that right now we have bitten off more than we can chew with the water project. Mankato has done three renovation projects though, but right now there are so many things that Mankato is currently working on.


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