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What some are thinking during the crisis of the virus


March 26, 2020

With the changes in the world caused by COVID-19, I challenged people to share their thoughts, reflections, comments or observations about the past two weeks using six words. Several people took up the challenge and most were able to answer in six words, yet a few had more to say and that was okay.

I started the challenge with my own six-word comments:

Blessed to live where I do.

There’s more on television than hockey.

The silver lining is family time.

Who knew TP was so important?!

Here are contributions from others to the list:

Very thankful to live in Nebraska.

God is my strength and refuge.

I need to trust in God.

Blessed to live in the USA

All the blue collar workers rock!

Nice to slow down for awhile!

Being in education is challenging!

Enjoying time at our quiet home.

Grateful our Might God’s in charge.

Praying essential family members stay healthy.

Must be time for a nap…

Faith. Family. Friendships. Peace. Quiet. Reflections.

Memories of special moments and people!

Wonderful conversations with friends and Fireball!

Happiness can abound in stressful situations.

Difficulties are opportunities for God’s miracles.

Communities coming together to help.

Social distancing is bringing families together.

Who needs a toilet paper calculator?

Catching up on “honey do’s.”

Keeping others close at heart.

Difficult lifestyle change for huggers!

Gotta Know When to Hold ‘em.

This is a struggle for me.

God will carry through difficult times.

Getting more precious time with family.

Not taking important things for granted.

Being involved in my child’s education.

Love your neighbors.

Corona, it’s not just beer anymore.

Amazing how much one can accomplish (during involuntary confinement.)

Very thankful for being retired!

A teacher wrote: Although I will miss the students, I am looking forward to slowing down and having some quality time with my family. My granddaughters and I made pumpkin roll and Oreo cheesecake. The time with my granddaughters was priceless. I am praying for safety for all my friends, family and our precious country. I am praying that this crisis will soon be over, and our country will be stronger and more united because of it.

Another wrote: A good antidote for the tension is a ride in the country - miles of fields and no people. We live in a beautiful free part of this country with wide open spaces and clean air. Revel in it!


Those who know me, know how much I enjoy hockey. Here is a bit of hockey history related to another pandemic. The 1919 Stanley Cup Final series between the Montreal Canadiens and Seattle Metropolitans was brought to a halt after five games when the ruthless Spanish Flu epidemic forced the cancellation of the series. Several players on both sides became sick from the disease and it eventually claimed the life of Canadiens forward Joe Hall. Since the series had ended in a tie, this was the only time in history when the Stanley Cup was not awarded after the playoffs began.

Unfortunately, the Stanley Cup may not be given this year. Time will tell.


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