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  • 2022 Nebraska Passport completed

    Mary Sawyer|Sep 29, 2022

    For those who think they can not take a long vacation, they need to check out what Nebraska has to offer. When COVID hit and the quarantines started, I looked for alternative ways to vacation. I found an adventure waiting for me in Nebraska. For more than a decade, Nebraska has offered a fun way to see the state called Nebraska Passport. Each year 70 places of interest across the state are listed in a passport book. The first page opens to a map of the state with each of the sites marked on it....

  • Floating on air above the plains

    Mary Sawyer|Sep 9, 2021

    At 5:45 a.m., Sunday, my daughter, Stefanie Gonzalez, and I headed to the Mitchell Airfield at Mitchell, Neb. We were scheduled for a hot air balloon ride with High Plains Hot Air Balloon Company with take-off at 6:15 a.m. In the dim morning light, we could see the wicker turned on its side. The crew was unfolding the 120-foot nylon balloon on the grass. It made the basket we were going to crawl into look terribly small. Joining us was a couple from Moore, Okla. The wife was a traveling nurse...

  • Calm waters and relaxing at Jewell County State Lake

    Mary Sawyer|Jul 8, 2021

    By Mary Sawyer Sunday morning Mark and I ventured to the Jewell County Lake to see how crowded it was on a holiday weekend. A few people were there fishing in the morning. One family group was there for the weekend. Vaughn Sothman, Colby, Kan., and Matt Rorabaugh, Lebanon, were fishing from the jetty with little luck. However, Cindy Sothman, Colby, caught a catfish while fishing from the bank. Another couple, Landee and Scott Thyfault, Jamestown, were at the lake. Landee was fishing from her...

  • Jewell Co. native's book now on sale

    Mary Sawyer|May 13, 2021

    The Republican Valley Arts Council recently held their spring brunch and meeting in Red Cloud at the renovated Scout House. The guest speaker was Scott Shute, who attended White Rock Schools before transferring to Red Cloud Schools his junior year. He has traveled the world. While in high school, he was an exchange student in Japan. As an executive with LinkedIn he lived in Japan for two years. Before his present position with LinkedIn, he was the vice president of global customer operations...

  • Volunteers make more than 700 masks for their hospitals

    Mary Sawyer|May 7, 2020

    When Mary Kahldahl heard her sister, Pat Kelly of Pender, was making masks for the Pender Hospital, she thought it was a great idea. Pat's daughter-in-law is the C.E.O. at the hospital in Pender so Mary, who volunteers at the Brodstone Memorial Hospital gift shop, knew if the Pender hospital needed masks, Brodstone Memorial Hospital might need them too. She contacted Karen Tinkham, administrative assistant at Brodstone, to see if the hospital could use them. Karen was thrilled with the idea. Mar...

  • Spring break during the COVID-19 outbreak

    Mary Sawyer|Apr 2, 2020

    March. Spring break. College. What do most college students do during this time? Travel! But how has COVID-19 changed that? Some students left early in March before all of the warnings and shutdowns. Here are the stories of three students how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their trips. Teah Colvin, a senior at Chadron State College, and three of her girlfriends planned their spring break in January. They wanted to vacation near the ocean in a warm climate, but they had a limited budget. They found what they thought was the perfect place for...

  • What some are thinking during the crisis of the virus

    Mary Sawyer|Mar 26, 2020

    With the changes in the world caused by COVID-19, I challenged people to share their thoughts, reflections, comments or observations about the past two weeks using six words. Several people took up the challenge and most were able to answer in six words, yet a few had more to say and that was okay. I started the challenge with my own six-word comments: Blessed to live where I do. There’s more on television than hockey. The silver lining is family time. Who knew TP was so important?! Here are contributions from others to the list: Very t...

  • A 3.0 earthquake felt in northwest Jewell Co. Friday

    Mary Sawyer|Feb 13, 2020

    Boom! It was 11:37 p.m. Friday and everything in the house rattled. It was as if something had run into the side of the house or lightning had hit right outside the house. But there weren’t any bright lights with the boom. Reno, our dog was barking as we jumped out of bed . When my husband looked outside, the sky was as clear a bell. That is when we got on line to look up if it could possibly be an earthquake. Sure enough, the Kansas Geological Survey had a seismograph reading of a 3.0 quake nine miles north west of Mankato. That is only six m...

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